General Update-y-ness

The campus visit to Illinois was wonderful. Very professional. Very well put

Saving Daylight

Image by Cathdew via Flickr

together. Very informative. Of course I expect nothing less from a Big Ten school. But I really think the information (overload) was helpful to Princess Girl. Definitely solidified her major choice. (At least at this point). Due to locations, we will probably not schedule another campus visit until March.

I find much humor in the fact that several newer cell phones and computers were not updated with the fact that Daylight Savings no longer ends on Halloween weekend. Although my mom’s re-updated itself back to the correct time today, new guy at work is all freaked out that his email time stamps are going to be off today. It’s an hour. Take a deep breath. Totally not the end of the world.

Fabulous Halloween party given once again by J’s brother and sister-in-law. They always decorate so fabulously. The food was good. The costumes were fun. My personal opinion is our costumes were the “witty-est”! Very funny!

Work is still very very busy. Every time I start to see light at the end of the tunnel, more work is piled on so I can’t even tell if the light is a train I need to duck or not.

I’ve been waffling about NaNoWriMo. Last year the time commitment was just too much. Do I dare wade in again this year? I have just over 12 hours to decide… and still start on time.

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