Christmas in the post-War United States

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And a half day at work! The plan is to go home while no one else is there and finish up the birthday and Christmas wrapping. I’m excited to get it all done!

Tomorrow is the 3rd annual all day cookie bake-athon at my mom’s house. One of my sisters is unable to make it this year, but Princess Girl is going to join us in her stead! She can’t wait. Then tomorrow evening it is off to my dad’s family to celebrate the holiday with them. I can NOT forget to stop and get the stuff to make chicken dip today.

My mother retired recently and the lack of stress in her voice and actions over the past month and a half is astounding. Due to a couple of different health issues she is suddenly planning two different family Christmas events at her house. It isn’t even phasing her. Amazing. And her eye doctor saw an unbelievable reduction in the pressure in her eyes. Stress kills. Lack of stress can save your life.

Have a great weekend everyone. The holidays are getting ready to be in full swing. Enjoy them!

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