Random Thoughts on a Wednesday

Cover of "Mommy's Little Monster"

Cover of Mommy's Little Monster

1. I’m obviously not doing better about writing at night so I get back on a regular posting schedule.

2. It is amazing how some times serendipity really happens.

3. I am so proud of the other Amy’s daughter! She got excepted into a very prestigious school in her field of interest.

4. I am continually surprised at how the  little things really can make you happy. I don’t know why this continues to surprise me.

5. The weather has been fabulous the last few days; I am ready for spring!

6. Between cheer and college and all the random expenses that keep popping up, I am on the hunt for a money tree. Let me know if you have one to spare.

7. Men who’s pride turn them into A-holes are as worthless to me as they think my success makes them look.

8. It is always nice to be appreciated.

9. Trivia this weekend, fun!

10. Mommy’s Little Monster this weekend, even more fun!

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