More changes

It truly was NOT simply a case of bad choices. I had no frame of reference to understand that a man could be so chauvinistic and so insecure at the same time that his entire personality would change in a situation where a woman is his equal. Still blows me away when I think about it.

Short term, in the six months it took to “fix” of the situation, I was able to process all the issues, and was more than ready to move on. And things are going swimmingly on that front.

Sometimes, the right place and the right time just fall into your lap.

Long term, what I thought was going to be a financial benefit to everyone turned out only to be a financial benefit to one, and a hardship on the other… 3 guesses on which was which. And the first 2 don’t count.

So now, I am seriously considering taking in a renter. I have to do something.


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