Growing pains

Scan of a Valentine greeting card circa 1960.

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Conversation with Princess Girl last night while folding laundry:

“Me and N are going to be each other’s Valentine because nobody wants to be our real Valentine,” she says about her best girlfriend and herself.

“That is not true. There are boys that want to be your Valentine, you just don’t want to be theirs.”

“Like who?” she asks.

“Like M.” I tell her.

“M doesn’t want to be my Valentine. He just wants to get in my pants.”

Holy crap. I’m glad Princess Girl and I have the type of relationship where she feels comfortable telling me these things. And I know the 15 – 19 year old boys she is in contact with on a daily basis can hardly think of anything else at this point in their lives. But… I still don’t like to think of them thinking it in terms of my baby.

Happy Valentine’s day. I hope you all have the Valentine of your dreams to spend your day with tomorrow.

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