More adventures in parenting

So Princess Girl attended the Sadie Hawkins dance at one of the bigger schools in our area with a friend this past Saturday. She had a great time. There were a lot of kids she knew from when we lived in that school district many years ago. There were also kids she knew from softball and other sports. And probably 10 or so kids from her own school.

The only down side? She said to me yesterday “I have never seen so many kids making out in one room in my life. It was kinda gross.”

“Well,” I told her, “That is why your school has the no kissing rules it does. A dance is supposed to be a fun party for all the kids that attend, not an excuse for a make-out session only for those kids that are on that path.”

I’m glad she finds a room full of kids trying to get to second base in public gross. I’m glad she can have fun with her friends without it having to be about who is going to be the next conquest. I’ve done my best to aim her toward being a well adjusted teen/adult. So far we are on the right track.

Can I just keep her my baby for a few more years?


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