Spring is in the air!

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 17:   Green water flows...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Since we returned from Florida and Princess Girl’s national cheerleading competition, the weather here at home has been fabulous. Especially for mid March!

Saturday was a wonderful day full of friends and fun. And nearly everyone in sight sporting my favorite color. My friend Lisa and I ventured out in the morning to catch the St. Patrick’s day parade. It was my first viewing of the St. Patrick’s day parade, and I have to say it was a little lame. There were more groups of people with political signs and shirts with politician’s name on them than there were actual floats. There were no horses, no fire trucks and no clowns. I am chalking it up to the election year, though and will visit again.

Sunday I walked for four miles along the river. The weather was perfect for outdoor exercise. The view along the bike path on the river is always excellent. After my walk I spent 2 and a half hours digging up and cutting down volunteer trees next to the house and in the flower beds and cleaning up the dead foliage from last year’s flowers. Princess Girl was home to help for the last hour.

I have to say the front yard looks great! And the rain we are expecting should get our flowers and plants growing like crazy. Now to find time to do the same in the back yard.

Anyone want a rose bush/vine? I know there is one in the back yard flower garden I am going to get rid of!

The best part of yesterday’s yard work… Not a single implement or tool was broken! I did get TWO hands full of splinters I’m still working to remove, but all equipment is in tact!

A fabulous weekend over all.

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