Time to re-evaluate

I know this coming year is going to be one of many changes. As Princess Girl enters her senior year of high school and begins applying for colleges we will be going through a year of change and growth.

There may be a need, I found yesterday, for even more change than I originally imagined.

You know it is time to re-evaluate you situation when you have your annual review, are ranked as ‘often exceeds expectations’ and you spend the rest of your day in a bad mood.

Whether it is my attitude or the location that needs to change, I can not spend the remainder of my working career crabby.

I’ll start with me. I will look at this as a personal evaluation/ self improvement project. I’m committed to this because I really do not want to be miserable from now until I am able to retire. I am going to take this seriously. I will make a plan and implement it. I’m thinking a 6 month time frame for this project on myself. After that, I will see how things stand.

Big changes. Here they come. I plan to be ready.


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