The problem with coming in to work well before most everyone else is that when there is an email bombshell that has dropped overnight you have no one to discuss it with.

We are on about a 3 month cycle of restructuring/reorganization. I do not mean we are in a 3 month process. I mean we are seeing complete change every 3 months.

Every day is an adventure.

On a more personal note, holy cow are we busy. I have made the comment several times this week that I can not wait for school to start so we will be less busy. That seems like an oxymoron to me. However, one response I heard was that we are in free fall over the summer. There is no order. No structure.

It’s true. And I can’t wait to slow down a little bit.

Before that happens, we have TugFest weekend fast approaching. Princess Girl is once again going to be participating in the pageant.

Come out and see us. The fireworks are the best around. It is bound to be a good time.

Go Illinois!


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