Random thoughts on a Friday

1. I love watching Princess Girl and her friends enjoy their final year of high school. Some of those kids are serious HAMS for the camera!

2. I am glad the stretches the OT gave me are taking the edge off of the pain in my thumb/wrist. I can’t wait to be healed!

3. Don’t ever disparage me or the organization I am the president to our community members of when you are in the wrong.

4. Very busy weekend planned! Football, fill-in bartending for a friend, a surprise birthday party, cheer practice and maybe fill-in bartending again.

5. Dead beat dads make me want to vomit. I’d love to send Princess Girl’s to jail for all the money that he owes.

6. The boat is out of the water, cleaned up and put away for the season. I miss it already.

7. Some where this weekend I need to find time to fill the hot tub. At least we have that to look forward to since boating is done.

8. Gourd bowling is fun! So is having a gourd fairy leave surprise gourds on the mailbox!

9. I have committed Princess Girl to completing her college applications this weekend. Yikes!

10. I am astounded by all the Christmas/New Year’s conceived people I know. There have been nearly thirty birthdays in the last week and a half!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


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