The new lazy

My hours have been cut back to 40/week max. There’s less stress, but working on California time means I’m often getting into a groove or being pinged by users late in my day. That frequently means 9, 10 or even 12 hour days Monday – Thursday with short hours on Friday. I like short hours on Friday. But my brain (and low back) decides after 10-12 hours of sitting at my desk working that it has had enough.

I want to read. I want to write. I want to promote my new Jamberry Nail Wrap business.

But all I find myself doing is Trivia Crack. Or Farm Heroes Saga. Or Candy Crush. Maybe someone has posted something new on Facebook… All from my phone or tablet on the couch or even in bed.

Part of it is work overload on my brain. Part of it is how horribly my low back and hip hurt. (I have terrible posture sitting at my desk, and when I’m there for 12+ hours a day it is doing a number on my body.) And part of it is pure laziness.

Tonight is supposed to be date night. (Yes, The Man and I have a Wednesday night date night every week. Mostly because he has dart league in the winter and golf league in the summer so he/we are out anyway.) But tonight he is sick. Home in bed on antibiotics. So there is no date night. And really, I’ve had a cold all week and I’m not that broken up about it. But my brain and body are used to a fairly early end to the work day on Wednesday, and then some sort of activity. So I made myself walk to my new exercise DVD. And then my back/hip, which I just had put back into place at the chiropractor yesterday started screaming at me. So I sat on my really good desk chair (with good posture!) where the lumbar support could ease the pain rather than crashing on the couch. And instead of perusing Facebook again, I opened WordPress.

And 340+ words later, the endorphin rush of exercise has combined with the relaxation I feel when I pull words out of my brain and put them to “paper”. My hip is quiet. I haven’t coughed in half an hour or so. This is good.

Maybe if I can hold on to this feeling, I can make this choice a little more often.


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