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New adventures

So I posted a couple weeks ago that I have been thinking about writing and getting back to regular posts. And then I actually posted a couple of times… Go me! Way to follow through!

And then I signed up to be an Independent Consultant for Jamberry! I couldn’t wait to tell you all about the awesome nail wraps and nail care items that are available through my website:!

And then I got sick. Very very sick. I didn’t get off the couch for two full days. After a week of fever, coughing, headaches, ear congestion and chest pressure that nothing I tried over the counter would even touch I gave in and went to the local urgent care. Where, after listing my symptoms, I had to confirm that I hadn’t ALSO been out of the country in the last 30 days… 10 times. If I was going to be an Ebola candidate, they were going to know it! The doctor took one glance into my right ear and declared it “very bad”. A look into the other ear and my mouth confirmed bilateral ear infections, a sinus infection and likely strep (we didn’t do the strep test because she was putting me on antibiotics anyway). I am now half way through the course of antibiotics proscribed and am barely feeling human. My goal is to be WELL by Thanksgiving. I do NOT want this crud interfering with my yummy turkey day dinner OR my Black Friday shopping!

I will be posting more about Jamberry in the next few days, but here is a glance at some of the great offers for Black Friday/Cyber Monday (the whole weekend!).

Jamberry_BlackFriadyLimited Jamberry_BlackFriday2


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I’m not dead

Christmas in the post-War United States

Several major projects at work… multiple million dollar projects that have taken all my time and brain matter appear to have been at least a partial cause for my poor blog to go silent for the last few weeks.

There was also Thanksgiving. A nice time with family was had, and Christmas plans were made. Cookie baking day is fast approaching! I can’t wait!

Let’s not forget Black Friday shopping that went VERY well. Did anyone out there know my Princess Girl is spoiled? Rightfully so, I think. We managed to get the Christmas tree up that weekend, too!

And of course cheerleading. There was a competition several weeks ago. The girls did fabulously. This coming weekend is a Nationals qualifier, and we have had girls dropping like flies to illness and injury so we are all anxious about how that will go. It should be a good time for everyone though, with team bonding Friday and competition all day Saturday.

I’ve also been working on my 2, 5 and 10 year plans. Need to be more concrete, but I see major changes on the horizon.

And somewhere, some time, I need to start wrapping presents.


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Happy Holidays!

Some children looking at a selection of Christ...

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Ahh, the joys of a mini-vacation! From Wednesday at about one until Monday morning I was celebrating Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. We had a great time with J’s family and mine on Thanksgiving.

I shopped til I dropped Friday. There were some very good bargains to be had, and I had them!

J took me out to dinner Friday night AND Saturday night. We saw some old friends and had a great time.

Sunday, my cousin and her husband invited me out for Bloody Mary’s. That was a great afternoon of catching up.

Never fear, I did not ditch Princess Girl. She had a pretty good holiday weekend herself. Of course Thursday she was with us.

Friday she got to hang out at home with a new Wii game and jam out to her iPod while we were at dinner, but we were home before bed.

Saturday she spent all afternoon at the mall with Maryjo and then when midnight bowling and spent the night with friends.

Sunday, of course, is chore day.

With all of this excitement we did not manage to get the tree up. I did get things started and I hope we can piece it together this week. Although it is going to be a busy one, too!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m ready for the Christmas festivities to begin!

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Holiday preparations

Green common beans on the plant

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I have all the ingredients for my traditional green bean casserole. We have our timing down to hit both J’s aunt’s house and my mom’s.

Princess Girl has started her Christmas wish list, and I have too.

But most importantly… I’ve started making my game plan for SHOPPING on Friday morning!!

Yes, that’s right, folks. I am one of those people. I WILL be out bright and early Friday ready to get some great bargains. And of course meet mom for lunch and a drink after!

That also means there won’t be a post on Friday either.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun shopping, I’ll see you on Monday.

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Busy little beaver.

Christmas Tree in 1900.

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Oh my gosh, where exactly have the last two weeks gone? Between NaNoWriMo and the (still) missing presents and Black Friday shopping and work I have not known whether I am coming or going.

My Christmas tree is finally not naked and I was sitting here staring at the big blank spot right in the center when I realized I did not have a blog post ready. 

Princess Girl and I are headed to Chi-town today to see Jersey Boys and shop with the Fine Arts group. Should be fun!

Maybe by Friday my life will be back in order and I can post an actual post again.

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One of my favorite days of the year!

It is Black Friday and I am shopping! I have to replace those MIA presents, you know.

See you next week – as long as I don’t get trampled in an aisle!

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Playing hide and seek.

Walmart on Black Friday
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Princess Girl is a Christmas baby. Her birthday is not actually on Christmas, it is three days before. But we came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve when she was born; that is close enough for me. I have always (overcompensated) tried to make sure she did not feel slighted on either her birthday or Christmas. I have heard stories of other people who had late December birthdays. They all talked about one combined present or small gifts for each event. I figured if her birthday was in June she would make out like a bandit. It should not be any different in December.

This is why I start Christmas shopping in June. Or sometimes even January if I find a good sale. With birthday presents and birthday parties and Christmas presents for the whole family you really have to spread things out.

This past June my friend Sharon-Anne introduced me to Even better, she introduced me to during a WOOT OFF! Talk about good deals. I purchased a couple of Christmas presents that day. Of course it was early July when they arrived. Not exactly the perfect time to wrap them in Santa paper and place them under the tree.

Like any experience parent I have several good hidey places in my house where gifts wait to be wrapped. Now that Black Friday is nearing, I have been looking in my hidey places and taking stock of the gifts I already have. I also have updated the ‘who is getting gifts this year’ list. It shifts slightly from year to year, you know. I am taking stock of what I still need to buy so I can plan my after-Thanksgiving shopping extravaganza!

So I’m checking my hidey places and checking my list. I’m thinking about the shopping I’ve done throughout the year. And re-checking my hidey places. And looking for new hidey places I may have made that I don’t remember. And checking my hidey places again.

You see where this is going right?

Those lovely gifts I purchased during the WOOT OFF are no where to be found. No where. I have even made up places to look – that cupboard above the stove? Maybe they are up there! That drawer in the side room of the basement – maybe they are in there. (Hey, that’s where the winter boots are so anything is possible.)

I have searched high and low. I have searched on multiple days. Princess Girl and I both remember when they arrived because I showed them to her. Neither one of us have any idea where they are now. I am hopeful they will show up when I start digging out the Christmas decorations.

I’m guessing they will show up as soon as I buy replacement presents. Or the day after I GIVE the replacement presents.


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