She just can’t catch a break

Poor Princess Girl. Some days it is so hard to parent her because I can’t believe the amount of crap that gets piled on her.

This week is Team Placements for the coming year at her cheer gym. She has been working really hard to move up two levels. That is a large jump. She has been going to open gyms. She has been doing sit ups to strengthen her core. She has been doing jump drills… With weights on her ankles.

I thought she had it in the bag.

On Saturday, at an open gym, she broke her toe. Doing a very simple tumbling move that she has been able to do for 5 years or so. She must have just landed wrong…

So now she is at Team Placements (They do not call them try-outs because everyone makes a team. This is to place you on the team level for your ability.) with a very very sore and broken toe. Now she is at Team Placements worried that she will not move up even one level because she is not hitting everything her best through the pain of a broken toe.

I just want to cry for her.

Instead, I’m feeding her pain meds and icing her toe as often as possible and telling her to just push through the pain. She’ll have a week to rest the toe after tonight while we do college campus visits. I hope the gym sees what is there behind the broken toe.

Wish her luck.


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